his name up there, he is 30 years old. He enjoys art, traveling, designing and developing computer systems.

Projects he worked on


Tools: boil, js, mysql, html, css, vim, svn

Over the course of 10 months the team rewrote a large portion of the web application at ibusiness.de so it would resemble a modern MVC app more closely . Together they redid the Database-Abstraction-Layer, reimplemented all the affected controllers and wrote a new template parser. Being done with that they designed an applied a whole new way of organising files inside the project.
The biggest challenge:
Managing the quirkiness of the interpreter and the resources at hand in addition to not getting lost in detail.


Tools: ruby, rails, jquery, vim, git

As a freelancer he built a web based image archive software for a client. Using several state of the art tools to fulfil the functional specifications which where presented to him. Among those specifications where some features worth emphasizing. For example a cascading category based navigation, a lightbox based cart, a live translation tool and a drag and drop image uploader. Moreover there is a full blown admin interface to manage all aspects of the application.
The biggest challenge:
Keeping a tight feedback loop with the client



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