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Kai Richard König

Born and raised in Munich moved to Nuremberg and eventually Berlin. Before creating my first game with Shockwave in Lingo my interest was in 3D modelling and waiting for a render to finish in Maxon Cinema 4D. But with the experience of how powerful programming can be I started learning HTML then Javascript and moving to the backend side of things and onto PHP, memcached, MySQL and Ruby on Rails. And from there it never stopped. When I am not using a computer to create something I like playing badminton, eating delicious food, traveling, and reading up on topics related to psychology, philosophy, investing, and business building.

Through my 12 years of experience, ambition and hard work I acquired a wide array of skills that allowing me cover, and work with traditional and modern cloud application architectures as well as building and leading agile teams and processes that deliver high value with confidence and low error rates. My main superpowers are making things possible by envisioning a brighter future and taking the path less beaten - which has proven to move the needle on established products and new ones. I bring visibility into strategic efforts with data and make goals and visions crystal clear through workshops and clean-cut communication. Last but not least, I help companies becoming faster at delivering value by aligning technical capabilities with business goals.

Open Source was and has always been an integral part of why I learned to program and whenever possible I try to give back by, for example, fixing migration code in Django or improving the python buildpacks for Zeit. According to GitHub I was among the top 5% contributors of 2019 in Germany.