Do the right things for the right reasons. 🎉

I have had several different roles in tech including, Product Owner Business Intelligence, Team Manager Business Infrastructure Systems and Software Developer - now I am on the Business Development side building and growing iPaaS-Startup (Bitspark) with a proactive and analytical mind on a mission to narrow the gap between human thinking and computer language.

My passion is in building teams, companies, strategies, and systems in general. I have a track record of delivering high impact as well as developing and operating distributed systems. I know Machine Learning, Serverless Architectures, some good portion of Python and many other languages, frameworks, tools and practices – technical and non-technical, which help me deliver value for clients.

When not working on clients Projects I work on Open Source like fixing migration code in Django or improving the documentation for the Google Python SDKs. According to GitHub I am among the top 5% contributors in Germany.

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