A selected list of projects I have worked on. From open source work and personal projects to building companies.

Sharing and discovering new content is an essential part of how the internet works. The recent years however seemed to have pushed us in direction of SEO optimized webpages trying to market products. Original content seems to have a hard time ranking high enough in traditional search engines. is a toy project that explores this misalignment.


We make donating to various fundraisers as easy as buying an app in the App Store or matching someone on Tinder.

Therefore we unite the biggest and most trusted fund raisers and offer them a platform to raise awareness with young target groups and generate more donations and data insights. We combine state of the art technology, gamification, and rich content updates for all projects to increase user engagement.


At APX I mentor and share my experience with startups. This usually evolves around an all day mentoring event held every 3 Months. There I get to meet 3 - 4 different startups asking questions and picking brains of the mentors. Questions range from high level go to market strategy down to technical questions and or brain storming. It’s up to the startups to make the most out of their time. Apart from that I infrequently visit the APX Offices doing “ask me anything” session with startups.


This library is what came out of creating a distributed service architecture for one of our products. Telstar makes it easy to write consumer groups and producers against redis streams. In order to run our distributed architecture at @bitspark we needed a way to receive and produces messages with an exactly once delivery design. We think that, by packing up our assumptions into a separate library we can make it easy for other services to adhere to our initial design and/or comply to future changes.


Programming today requires a shift in thinking. This makes it hard to learn how to write programs. On top of that, IT experts often use a language which is difficult to understand for non technicians.
At we develop Slang which aims to make programming easier, faster and more comfortable. It avoids coding, repetition and frustration.


Easytainer is/was a serverless docker platform that runs docker images in response to HTTP requests. It had a neat cli that allowed easy management of the deployed endpoints. You could run any docker image and the stdout was streamed back to the client.


Logging in to different machines at work or at home and using the same .dotfiles on them. Bootstrap a new machine, even if they are differently flavored. Updating .dotfiles should be a breeze as well as sharing common .dotfiles with your teammates by just installing them next to your own .dotfiles. Lace drew inspiration from brew.


I built a chrome extension for a friend’s BA Design and Art Degree project. The extension would take the current url and forward it to a locally running server that performed a IP to Lat/Lng lookup. The coordinates would then be displayed on a 16x2 LCD display connected to an Arduino.


As a freelancer I built a web based image archive software for a client. Using several state of the art tools to fulfil the functional specifications which where presented to me. A cascading category based navigation, a lightbox based cart, a live translation tool and a drag and drop image uploader. Moreover there is a full blown admin interface to manage all aspects of the application.


In the seminar phase of the BOS technology I enrolled for a Java project without any prior knowledge. After a short introduction each participant could set his own project goal. I decided to visualize sorting algorithms. The algorithms are implemented with the decorator pattern and thus are step-synchronized which provides a nice to look at visual feedback.


Inspired by friendfeed we took the concept and adapted it to the German market and eventually sold to Mr.Wong The application was written in Ruby on Rail 2.0 with together with a background processing queue that pulled in the content from all the linked services.


Over the course of 10 months we rewrote a large portion of the web application at so it would resemble a modern MVC app more closely. Together we redid the Database-Abstraction-Layer, reimplemented all the affected controllers and wrote a new template parser. Being done with that we designed an applied a more effective way of organizing files inside the project.

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